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Managing MPN Symptoms: How Tracking Can Help

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Author: Voices of MPN

For people who are living with a chronic condition such as a myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN), everyone’s experience is a little different—and it can change over time. Sometimes you might notice that your symptoms feel worse than usual, a new symptom has appeared, or an old one no longer bothers you as much. It’s important to pay attention and track these symptom changes on a regular basis. Careful tracking will help you and your Healthcare Professional know how to manage and adjust your care over time.

Make Tracking a Regular Habit

Check in with how you’re feeling daily, and take a little time to make a few notes about your symptoms at least once a week. Ask yourself:

  • What symptoms have I experienced during the past week?
  • How do I feel about them? (Are they severe or mild? Occasional or ongoing?)
  • Have my symptoms worsened, improved or stayed the same?
  • Have I noticed any changes—big or small?

Don’t assume that any symptom is too minor or not worth recording. Include everything. These insights will help your Healthcare Professional understand what’s happening with your health over time, rather than on one or two specific days.

Make Tracking Easy

Tracking your symptoms doesn’t have to be a hassle. Set up a reminder for yourself on your phone or a calendar, for instance. Then, record your answers to the questions in a notebook, the notepad in your smartphone, or in an online symptom tracker or mobile app. You can also access an MPN symptom assessment form to track your symptoms.

Be sure to date each entry and to keep everything in one handy place, so you can easily share your notes during healthcare visits.

Remember: Tracking Your Symptoms Is Important

MPNs are progressive conditions, which means they can get worse over time. Be open and honest with your Healthcare Professional and share your symptom notes at each visit, so he or she can get a more complete picture of your health.

The more you share about how your symptoms are changing and affecting you, the better your Healthcare Professional can help you to manage and stay on track with what’s right for you.

Learn more about possible MPN symptoms here.

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