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Nick Grapples With His MPN Diagnosis

Voces of Mpn

Author: Voices of MPN

I have these fights in my head. Will my symptoms get worse? Can I be there for my kids? Can I be there for my wife? The hardest thing about this is the unknown. – Nick

At 37, Nick’s life was moving along the way he’d envisioned. He was married to Kara, the love of his life, and they had a vibrant young son. But when Nick went in for a routine physical, suddenly everything changed. Through a blood test, Nick was stunned to learn that he had polycythemia vera, part of a group of rare, chronic blood cancers known as myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs). In an instant, Nick faced a future different than what he ever could have imagined.

"The Unknown" is designed to raise awareness of MPNs and to inspire those impacted by the disease to be their own health advocates. It is the third film in a series of short documentary films directed by Cynthia Wade, an Academy Award®-winning filmmaker in the documentary short subject category, in collaboration with Incyte Corporation.

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