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Three Ways to Manage Your Energy Levels When You Have Myelofibrosis

Voices of MPN

Author: Voices of MPN

With a rare, chronic blood cancer like myelofibrosis (MF), your condition can make you feel very tired for a variety of reasons. You may be experiencing weight loss or fever that could make you feel fatigued. Fatigue could also lead to a cycle of being less active. If you're less active, you may lose some lean muscle, which could lead to having less energy.

Other factors can also affect your energy level. Being anemic can make you feel weak, due to the decreased number of red blood cells that carry oxygen from your lungs throughout your body. An enlarged spleen may also make you feel fatigued.

What you can do about managing your energy levels:

  1. Tell your Healthcare Professional if you are feeling weak and tired, even if you are not sure it is related to your MF
  2. Try to get plenty of rest, including naps, when needed
    • Stick to a regular bedtime
    • Avoid drinks with caffeine later in the day
  3. Talk to your Healthcare Professional early on about starting an exercise program to help improve your energy, flexibility, and mood
    • Plan daily time for walking or other appropriate exercise when you have the most energy

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