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The 12th Annual MPN Awareness Day Is September 12, 2024

MPN Awareness Day focuses on encouraging those living with myeloproliferative neoplasms, or MPNs, to use their voice to inspire others on their MPN journeys. It’s also a great time for the MPN community to connect with one another by sharing personal stories and experiences, uniting people with their MPN peers, and highlighting excellence in support for MPN patients and caregivers.

Because raising MPN awareness and advocating for the MPN community is so important, we believe these efforts should be extended throughout the entire month of September. And you can contribute to this effort and help raise MPN awareness with each and every connection you make:

  • Share helpful information and educational resources—Choose from a variety of educational tools and resources Learn more
  • Have a story to tell?—Register to become a Community Voice Champion and share your story Learn more

Watch a video and learn how five simple tips can help you raise your voice in support of MPN awareness.

Get Resources to Help Raise MPN Awareness

As a person affected by MPNs, you are likely all too aware of the challenges that living with a rare condition presents. You may wonder: What can I do to bring more attention to these conditions?

Raise your voice. Unite with others who are affected by MPNs and speak out so that your voices are heard and your stories are shared. Raising your voice begins by taking action, and we have the tools and resources to help you act now.

Image of Alisa, an MPN patient

I became an advocate without even knowing it. —Alisa, MPN Patient