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The PV Tracker Tool: Taking Charge of Your Polycythemia Vera

Voces of Mpn

Author: Voices of MPN

Living with a rare, chronic blood cancer like polycythemia vera (PV) is not a one-size-fits-all experience. It affects each person differently and your experience with PV is unique to you. Some people with PV may not have symptoms. Others have severe symptoms that interfere with their daily lives. As a progressive disease, PV may also advance or get worse over time. This is why tracking your overall PV journey can be such an important part of managing your own care. It also provides you with helpful information you can use to have meaningful discussions with your Healthcare Professional.

By tracking your blood cell counts, tests, and procedures, as well as PV-related symptoms on a regular basis, you and your Healthcare Professional can work together to understand how your condition is affecting you. With detailed information to share and discuss, you can both gain greater insight into how to best manage your condition.

Voices of MPN has launched a digital PV Tracker Tool that enables you to conveniently monitor your PV symptoms, your blood cell counts, and your phlebotomies. Results can be tracked over time and even shared with your Healthcare Professional.

With the PV Tracker Tool, you’ll be able to:

  • Rate the severity of the most common symptoms you may experience with PV
  • Track key blood cell counts and follow changes in your levels after each test
  • Track the dates of your phlebotomies after each procedure
  • Get answers to frequently asked questions
  • View your results in the Results Dashboard
  • Download results and/or share them with your Healthcare Professional via email

The PV Tracker Tool can be used on your desktop computer—or accessed via your personal mobile device. Please note that you should choose the same device (and same Web browser) each time you access the tracking tool (eg, either your computer, your tablet, or your phone). The device you select is the only place the data will be stored, so be sure to choose the device that makes the most sense for you to save and share your results.

Remember, every new symptom and change, no matter how small it may seem, can help paint a clearer picture of your overall health. By getting into the habit of tracking your symptoms, counts, and tests consistently, you may be able to better understand your PV State of Mine—or where you are on your journey with PV. Recognizing how and when your condition is changing can help you and your Healthcare Professional identify when something isn’t right—and that can play a key role in how your PV journey moves forward.

Start using the PV Tracker Tool and view other helpful PV information and resources.

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