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You Have To Go To Know…Because Your MPN Isn't Waiting

Voices of MPN

Author: Voices of MPN

Incyte has partnered with actor LeVar Burton to encourage people with myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) to prioritize their health by visiting their Healthcare Professionals and seeking the care they need.

Delaying or avoiding medical care can have serious implications for one's health, especially those living with chronic and progressive conditions like MPNs. The best way to manage an MPN is through consistent visits with a Healthcare Professional to regularly monitor the disease to identify any changes or progression.

As a storyteller, LeVar has spent much of his career bringing the stories of others to life. By elevating the voices of people living with MPNs, together with Incyte, LeVar aims to inspire the community to prioritize managing their MPN.

While I am not personally impacted by an MPN, I am reminded of my mother and her growing health challenges as she got older. She didn't have an MPN, but she sometimes skipped her required doctors' visits and follow up appointments, and I saw first-hand the negative impact it had on her health. My hope is that this campaign encourages the MPN community, and others with chronic conditions, to seek the care they need.

If you're living with an MPN and haven't visited your Healthcare Professional recently, schedule an appointment today—and keep it! These appointments are important opportunities to identify and discuss how your condition may be changing over time. When you miss appointments, you also miss out on those essential conversations.

Explore just how LeVar is leveraging his creative storytelling abilities to advocate for the MPN community. You Have To Go To Know...Because Your MPN Isn't Waiting!


LeVar Burton and Dr. Gaby Hobbs discuss the importance of routine doctor appointments for those living with an MPN.

LeVar Burton and J.G. Jones discuss the power of storytelling and raising awareness of MPNs.


LeVar Burton speaks with Jaden and his mother Jessica about MPN management and the importance of communication and transparency.

Three Resources to Help You Advocate for Your Health and Find Support:

  • Make the Most of Important Conversations With Your Healthcare Professional
    View the Strengthening Your Voice conversation cards
  • Take Charge of Your Health and Use the MPN Tracker Tool
    Track symptoms, blood counts, and procedures related to your MPN
  • Find Support From the MPN Community and Additional Resources
    View MPN Community Resources and Support


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