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Get Involved With Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2021

Voices of MPN

Author: Voices of MPN

If you’re living with any of the rare, chronic blood cancers called myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs), it can be an opportunity to learn why it’s important to communicate with others in the MPN community.

Blood Cancer Awareness Month in September is an ideal time to speak up about the impact your MPN may have on your daily activities, mood, and social life. You can become a more vocal advocate for your own care if you speak up and spell out the true effect MPNs have on your life.

The activities below can help you find conversation tips, tools, and information to use at your upcoming MPN appointments. Remember, when you tell your MPN Healthcare team how your MPN really makes you feel, you can work together to manage your condition throughout your MPN journey.


Test Your MPN Knowledge

Test your knowledge of MPNs on September 27 at 7:00 PM ET during a Facebook Live event. You’ll be able to respond to trivia-style questions throughout the event. You’ll also hear from a panel of Incyte Oncology Clinical Nurse Educators and have an opportunity for them to answer your questions live. You’re sure to learn more about MPNs as you enjoy this lively event.


Take the Pledge

Have you ever told others you’re fine when you know you might not be? Perhaps you recognize the physical, emotional, and social challenges of living with an MPN but are not comfortable talking about them—even with your MPN Healthcare team. When you don’t speak up and share how you really feel, you miss out on the opportunity to get the care and support you need.

Use Blood Cancer Awareness Month to say fine is not enough for your MPN journey. Take the pledge to talk with your Healthcare team so you get the care management approach that’s right for you.


View MPN Resources with LeVar Burton

Voices of MPN is collaborating with actor, director, and health advocate LeVar Burton on a number of exciting initiatives including a campaign, “You Have To Go To Know…Because Your MPN isn’t Waiting,” created to encourage those living with MPNs to prioritize their health and return to regular Healthcare Professional visits after an exceptionally challenging year, and to regularly monitor their MPNs. Check back throughout September/periodically to see a variety of helpful videos and new content.


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