Track your PV-related symptoms

The MPN10 is a tool to help assess and track the 10 most clinically relevant symptoms and their severity over time. By rating the symptoms, you can better describe them—and any changes in severity—to your Healthcare Professional.

How to use the MPN10 Symptom Scorecard

Using the sliders below, select a number from 0 (absent) to 10 (worst imaginable) that best describes the severity of, or how much difficulty you have had with, each PV symptom during the past week. Your scores for the below symptoms will be added up to calculate your total MPN10 symptom score in real time.

  1. Click or tap the "SAVE SYMPTOMS" button when finished.
  2. Your MPN10 score will be totaled and displayed on a results dashboard.
  3. Additional symptoms that are commonly associated with PV are displayed below the MPN10 symptoms. You may rate these symptoms using the checkboxes. While your scores for these additional symptoms will not factor into your total MPN10 score, they are still important. If any of these symptoms affect you, be sure to discuss them with your Healthcare Professional
YOUR SCORE 0 / 100

MPN10 SymptomsMPN10 Symptoms Information iconMPN10 Symptoms Information icon

Fatigue (tiredness)
Problems concentrating
Early feeling of fullness with eating
Abdominal pain or discomfort
Unintentional weight loss (in the last 6 months)
Itching (especially after a warm shower)
Bone pain (widespread, not joint pain or arthritis)
Fever (>100°F) 0 (absent) 10 (daily)
Night sweats

How Are you Feeling?

Use this scale to indicate your overall well-being over the past week.

  • Very sad emoticon
  • Sad emoticon
  • Neither happy or sad emoticon
  • Happy emoticon
  • Very happy emoticon

Additional Symptoms

The additional symptoms of PV listed below may impact your day-to-day life. It is important to keep track of how they affect you. Please note that tracking the symptoms below does NOT contribute to your total MPN10 score.


YOUR SCORE 0 / 100

Your MPN10 Symptom Score can help you track your symptoms and monitor how they affect you over time. Your Healthcare Professional is the best source of information about your particular symptoms. Be sure to share your responses with your Healthcare Professional.

This tracking tool is intended for use as a resource and diary for patients with polycythemia vera. Information provided in this tool, including outputs from its interactive features, should not be considered an alternative to medical or management advice from your Healthcare Professional team.


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